SOCIAL DANCING. (Easy Modern Sequence.)

The "Dance Class" was started at the Old Whitehill Chapel as a "Social Evening" because dancing was not allowed in the church at that time.  It has been running (or should that be dancing) for 60 years.  It was started by Boyce and Lottie Hancock circa 1950, continued by Mr. and Mrs. Shaw and finally by May and Graham Pass, who all taught dancing. It became a "Social Dance" in 1982 and was led by Sid Boulton MBE and his wife Hilda for 21 years until 2013. In 2014 John and Glenys Holland took on the leadership of the group.

The "Social Dance" is held on Thursday evening and starts at 8pm. The dancing is mainly "easy sequence" and there is a warm, friendly, relaxed atmosphere with plenty of talking, laughing, singing and dancing. At 9 p.m there is a well deserved interval for tea/coffee and biscuits and then dancing continues until the last Waltz at 10 p.m.

There is no formal teaching, but if you want to start dancing John and Glenys and the members are more than willing to help you learn.

"Supper Dances" are also held occasionally on a Saturday evening from 7:30 to 10:15 p.m. These are along the same lines as the "Social Dance" but with a set buffet supper served at the interval.

It is a very popular group if you are interested in coming please initially contact John or Glenys Holland for more information (01782 772027).