The Walking Group now in its 16th year, meet every month on the Church car park.

We are all familiar with multiple waste bins at every house these days, recycling is a way of life. Well, we are doing our bit - the group is recycling some of the favourite walks done in previous years…or at least that’s how it seems. However, some of the familiar titles have new routes to look forward to - and there are some completely new ones!

Please note, with the exception of December, all walks now start at 9:30 a.m.

While the walks are varied in both length and terrain, they are within the capability of most walkers. The walks are about 4-6 miles and require a packed lunch, except the ones marked "Lunch". In this case we take lunch at a local hostelry and of course the December walk is followed by Christmas Lunch - with all the trimmings!

It is important, even in good weather, that suitable clothing and footwear is worn as rough ground can be difficult to negotiate. The weather can also have a significant effect on outdoor activities rendering a good day to an uncomfortable experience.

If you have any questions about the walks, clothing or equipment please contact the walk leader.

We normally share transport and to help with fuel costs we make a donation, which is £2, but is revised as the year progresses.  If there is a surplus in the funds the group has decided, as in previous years, to support the Air Ambulance with a donation.

If you have any questions about the walks please contact Alan Batho on 01782 518606 or the walk leader.Come and enjoy a good walk and talk!