4th Stoke-on-Trent Girls' Brigade Company


Whitehill Methodist Community Church


Girls’ Brigade is all about discovering Jesus, whilst having fun and making new friends through various programmes, challenges and activities, on company nights as well as special events. GB is an international uniformed Christian organisation. Our motto is 'Seek, Serve and Follow Christ'

The times are 5.45-7pm for agest 4-8 & 6.15-8pm for ages 8+.

Our company is split into 4 sections as follows:

EXPLORERS (4 - 8 years) follow the N:vestigate badgework programme, looking at their everyday experiences, topics such as friendship, food and celebrations. These are explored through stories, craft activities, games and various interactive activities.

JUNIORS (8 - 11 years) follow the N:gage badgework programme, looking at different values and characteristics of a person through Bible characters. These are explored through stories, craft activities, games and various other activities.

SENIORS (11-14years) follow the N:counta badgework programme, looking at life challenges they face such as money, relationships, and technology. These are explored through discussions, video clips, games and various other activities. 

BRIGADERS (14+years) follow the N:spire badgework programme, looking at how they can live God centred lives. Challenges are chosen and worked towards to achieve these badges, these can range from sport related to hosting meals and charity work. Brigaders work to achieve their Brigader brooch; they can also participate in young leader training, Duke of Edinburgh’s award, and the Queen’s award.

As a company we also participate in district events, such as athletics, swimming and quizzes.

The Girls' Brigade meets every Wednesday at 6:15pm (term time only), we charge a weekly £1 subscription and all children aged 4+ are welcome!For more information about Girls’ Brigade England & Wales visit the website www.girlsb.org.uk