The Friday Night Club was originally started in February 2004 for young people between the ages of five and 15.  It was intended to replace the traditional Sunday School which had declined in number over the years. Within a short time the FNC grew in number with a dedicated team of leaders, all of whom are church members. 

Currently there are approximately 40-50 young people who enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of a youth club within a Christian environment.  The Club starts at 6:45 p.m. on Friday evenings with a 30 minute Group activity involving community and current issues and incorporating some Bible study.  The young people are in age groups and do various activities associated with the theme or topic for that session.  This is followed by free time where they can play games, play music, dance and get involved with arts and crafts or simply talk to their friends.  During this time we operate a Tuck Shop selling confectionary at 10p each with a spent limit of 40p per child.  Drinks are also available.

The evening is concluded at 8:15 p.m. with a short devotional service.

The FNC is now an established part of our Church family taking part in Services and other Church activities.It is important that the young people experience a time of fun, but also respect for each other, respect for the leaders and a respect for the premises where they meet.  Following the recent refurbishment there is an open area where the older age group can meet separately with their friends and school colleagues.

Throughout the year we organise various other events including a Fun Time at the local Sports Centre with table tennis, badminton, craft and the climbing wall. We also organise a number of parties for Summer and Christmas.

We require an information form to be completed for each young person which contains the address and contact telephone numder, along with any medical conditions that we should be aware of.

Anyone interested in coming along will be made most welcome and if you’re noy sure, then turn up one Friday night and try it!

Got any questions contact Sam Taylor on 07794261199