The Church in the community

developing the Community in Church

Who Are We

Whitehill Methodist Community Church is welcoming friendly Church bringing people to God through our love and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.  We encourage all who come to the Church to participate in full and active membership and to express their faith in various styles of worship.  

What is on offer

From the youngest right through to the oldest e have plenty on offer for people of all ages. Whether it be toddlers for the littles ones, or our famous Friday Night Club for the teenagers or our Luncheon Club for more mature. Why not take a look around and see what we have on offer. 

At the heart of it 

We are a Church and believe in Jesus. We are proud of the change he has made in our lives. We aim to create acts or worship that have Jesus at the centre and connect with our community. We are also proud of our Methodist Heritage and aim to honour this.

Whitehill Methodist Community Church, Whitehill Road, Kidsgrove, ST7 4DS
01782 773979